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Thank you for becoming a valued sponsor. Please consider choosing to support one of our community partners.

The Ladies of the Rose Foundation

Thank you for aiding in the evolution of our programs. Our goal is to create sustainability through professional relationships and equitable experiences for independent artists and local businesses. Your donations are deeply appreciated. 

The Old Church (TOC)

Learn more about the amazing origination that has been champion of equity. Watch their documentary "The Tipping Point." Or learn more bout how you can support by clicking below.

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Donate to the Ethos Music Center

"Ethos believes that all kids deserve access to the benefits of music education. We offer sliding scale music lessons from our headquarters in North Portland and facilitate music outreach programs for students in Oregon’s underserved rural and urban areas." - Taken from their website

Music Portland

"As a grassroots, nonprofit advocacy group of music professionals, we believe powerful change can only be created when a diverse coalition of people exercise their collective influence. Our mission is to make Portland a better place to be a music professional."

-Taken from their website

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Friends Of Noise

Friends of Noise is a 501-c3 organization that seeks to foster healing and growth for the creative youth in our community via the arts by hosting professional development workshops and inclusive all-ages concerts that provide live performance opportunities for youth artists and hands-on experience for emerging youth sound engineers." - Taken from their website

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