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Meet The Team


Ebony White

Ebony White has made all areas of  community her life‘s focus. Realizing the need for advocacy the lack of support in her local community she began looking for ways to increase visibility of POC with mental illness diagnosis. She has joined city initiatives to stop violence and promote mental health awareness for homeless individuals. For years she has  worked to enhance communication and connectivity with people through music and art. Her passion developed into her joining  various  initiates and committees focused on art and  music  sustainability and equitable growth. It’s  her  hope to aid in the evolution of community outreach and local network expansion by creating and facilitating local resources, redirecting  localized and re-activating  aid to produce  communal growth. Rather performing solo, as a featured artist, or engaging as an organizer, my supportive roles in the success of others is my main focus. Seeing the need for connecting local communities I partnered with Rain Ezra and co- founded "Ladies of the Rose Inc." An organization  designed to connect all industries and  local communities through music with organizational equity in view. Together we use music events, community activation pop-ups and network mixer as hubs for resource sharing.


Rain Pollock

Rainezra–also know as Rain Pollock–is a Musician, Educator, and Business Owner currently residing in Portland, Oregon. While teaching and running a business, writing and producing music has always been a large part of her career focus. Rain is an advocate for the developmental growth of youth in music, while creating opportunities for young women to feel safe in the industry. Rain performs, produces, and writes her own material with many r&b/soul influences such as Alicia Keys, Musiq Soulchild, Jojo and production influences like Timbaland. When the Pandemic hit in 2020, a lot of musicians and local businesses struggled financially to keep their jobs. Rain teamed up with Ebony White, a friend she had met as a board member of the PDX Hip Hop Collective, to create a solution to these problems.  After organizing a couple livestreams and teaming up with local businesses to get promo opportunities in exchange for sponsorships, Ladies of the Rose was born. The business quickly evolved from event coordinating to a hub for community and local musicians and business to thrive and network using music as a vehicle. 


Kazuriah Buckley

Kazuriah Buckley aka Kaz was born into a musical environment and this developed into a love for music and drumming at a very young age. By his junior year in high school he was the Drumline Section Leader and was instructing a middle school drum program. In his senior year of high school he was awarded “Viking Bandsmen” of the year, for his musicianship and also received his second DCI world class silver medal, marching with the Oregon Crusaders. Continuing on through college where he studied Computer Science Engineering at Oregon State University and was co-section leader of the quad line. This love lead to a long career of education in music and arts. Since college he has focused his life towards the legacy he aims to bring to his family, by sharpening his leadership and the entrepreneurial skills needed to create success as an entrepreneur.


Looking to get his feet wet as an entrepreneur he began his first business in e-commerce. Simultaneously he continued sharpening his programming skills and working with high school band programs to assist in local music education. In 2019 his business partners encouraged him to relocate to Portland. Making new connections in the local music industry and non-profits  he met Ebony White and Rain Ezra. 


Now Kaz is currently the Secretary for Ladies Of The Rose Foundation after co-founding the organization and helping structure various programs. He is currently a professional drummer in a number of music groups and is connected with an additional number of local highschool band programs and city initiatives. He is also currently working with various organizations heading NFT developmental projects. Each day Kaz is committed to his community and pioneering ways to create better access to share resources and networks. All of his skills are utilized in various areas to help this community powered organization thrive.

Acting President

CO-Founder/ Operations Manager



About The Organization

Ladies of the Rose was founded by two women who's paths crossed when they moved to Portland, OR from different towns in California. While working with each other in the PDX HipHop Collective,  they became more acquainted with each other and found out they had similar goals. Rainezra, a 23 year old musician and Private instructor at Ethos Music Co. has been working on helping young performers find their way in the music industry. Ebony White has been a business woman and musician since her early years, making millions for companies since she was a teen. Together they create a force to be reckoned with and have been planing more than just amazing Music events to bring the community together.

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