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“Ladies of the Rose Foundation” is a 501 (c)(3) Non-profit, community focused organization that connects people  by amplifying local resources and networks. Our mission is to provide an activation wave in communities that are suffering from social and economic unrest. This is achieved by inciting  the beliefs that true community is about being connected and responsible for what happens. We focus on innovative ways to strengthen relationships. Impacting four main elements of the community: Local music, Youth outreach, Wellness planning and Local business sustainability. Bringing people and industry together through art and music.

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There are many ways the "Ladies of the Rose Foundation'' connects  communities but we have three fundamental focus areas. 1.Rosebuds Program: Youth outreach focused on social development, emotional health maintenance and professional education. 2.Community Activation Program: Music showcases focused on supporting local music venues and artists. Education workshops and network mixers to impact the growth and sustainability of local businesses and expansion of networks. 3. Wellness Program: Wellness initiatives focused on Women of Color processing trauma through mental, physical and emotional health therapy.

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